South Shore Mtg Trading Partners
Austin, Texas
10th Floor 300 West Sixth St


On the tenth floor of a downtown Austin high rise this 10,000 square foot supermodernist and super-minimal tenant finish out is designed - quite simply - out of glass and clouds.

Our Client came to the project with sophisticated contemporary tastes which, when combined with a minimalist approach to construction, yielded a cost effective, sleek and sophisticated space for business.

We incorporated C-shaped Structural Glass panels to enclose the two conference rooms - thereby allowing for very well-lit hallways - along with ovoid-shaped dropdown Ceiling Clouds.
The Clouds were constructed full scale on the floor with an old engineering drawing trick using just triangles and circular arcs.

These allowed us to go full height to a commercially finished waffle slab while simultaneously saving construction funds, animating the space and providing a sense of initimacy. Functionally, they provide a nice place for some task lighting.

Angular and aggressively "finned" ceiling hung lighting provided some more sculptural effect and these elements were aligned both north-south and east-west with the extremely low-profile TechZone ceilng system's gridded lighting.